Magic Resistance Spells

Some monsters are able to resist many of the kinds of spells that would normally affect them; fire spells or death spells are a couple of examples. For some unknown reason, these monsters were born (or hatched or fabricated) with this resistance ability! However, some of your characters' spells can be of value in defeating these no-gooders. Magic Screens (Cortu) and Fizzle Fields (Bacortu), although they do not affect the monster directly, cannot be resisted by the monster, so it reduces its defenses. Both Magic Screens and Fizzle Fields have a relative strength, based upon the level of the person casting it. For example, your level 8 Mage could most likely fizzle the spell of a level 7 Mage; however, it could hardly be expected, except by a fluke, to cause a spell cast by a Level 25 Mage to fizzle. Luckily, the effects of these spells are cumulative, that is, two Magic Screens are better than one.

Both Magic Screens and Fizzle Fields deteriorate with every round of combat as the opponents' spells bash off them. Don't expect them to last forever! If you want to keep up your defenses, you will have to replenish the fields and screens by casting the spells again.

Also, the Anti-Magic spell Palios can help the party should it find itself the victim of a Fizzle Field, or it can reduce magic screens erected by the monsters. Of course, it has to be successfully cast to have an effect, and should the party find itself in a Fizzle Field too strong to cast through, the only thing to do is wait it out and hope that the Fighters are up to snuff.

Although Magic Screens can often prevent damage from Breath attacks as well as magic ones, substances in the breath tend to reduce the screen very quickly. Monsters do not use mouthwash.

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