Ordering a Party For Adventure

Since your party walks in a parade formation, it's important to determine - before you meet any monsters - just what the order of that parade will be. Essentially, the strong, fighting characters or those with low armor classes should be toward the front. Spell casters and weak or injured characters with low hit points should be toward the rear. To move a character, click on his or her name and select another character to switch places with. Generally, only the first three party members will be subject to a physical attack by the monsters. However, some monsters may be equipped with ranged weapons that allow them to attack further into your ranks. Other monsters can sneak up on your lowly Mage, who cowers in the sixth position, and scare the robes right off him. A Giant may step over some of your characters to get at the weaklings in the rear. Additionally, monsters may cast spells on any or all members of your party.

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