Round Getting by with a little help from your Priest

I have to help Derf immediately or he will be burger bits! Each trainee starts into the Proving Gruonds with 8 hit points. When they go to zero, the character dies. Much as I hate to lose Prior Sebastion's ability to dispell, I quickly decide to have Prior Sebastion cast one of his two DIOS spells on Derf this round. Both the mages will cast HALITO spells on the last 2 Skeletons, now that the Bubbly Slimes are asleep. Derf and Thomas the Fair had better go out there and hit better than they had done so far, if they expect to survive in this place! All set with the team strategy. Everyone knows what they are supposed to do. Yes, yes. Snatch, you still parry. I didn't forget you. What a hyper group thieves are. Bored most of the time, can't wait to get into the action, but when they do get a chance, watch them try to become wallpaper on the Maze wall! Well, here goes. I'll keep my fingers crossed that Prior Sebastion can get off that DIOS healing spell on Derf before something nails him and kills him. Pow! Derf swings at Skeleton and connects for 2 hit points. Foom! Gabriella casts a Halito at a Skeleton, hits for 3 and reduces it to ash! Swack! A Skeleton swings at Derf and misses. Whew! Punt! Thomas the Fair swings at a Skeleton and misses also. Ahhh! Prior Sebastion cast a DIOS healing spell on Derf and heals 4 points, just in time. Snatch parries. Oh no! One of the Bubbly Slimes woke up and hit poor Derf for 2 points! Kablam! Alfredo cast a Halito and it hits for 2, destroying the last Skeleton.

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