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Myboatplans 518 Boat Plans

Master Boat Builder Martin Reid reveals all of the his best secrets, tips, and tricks for top-quality boat-building in this ebook course on how to build you own amazing boat. You will get access to over 518 step-by-step plans for building the boat of your dreams. You will also get access to video courses on how to make a boat for yourself that can sail whatever waters you choose like a champion. No previous building experience is needed! You can get started building the boat that you want without ever having built a boat or anything else before! All you need is this ebook guide and the simple tools and materials that are called for in the book, then you can just follow the directions and start making your own sea-going vessel; it can be as large or small as you want! Start making your own boat with Martin Reid's expert guidance! Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

This e-book comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

Overall my first impression of this book is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

Shipbuilding and Repairs

Shipyards and Repair Docks Ships can be built, renamed, repaired and changed in the shipyard. You can watch how the work is progressing at the repair dock. The more assignments a shipyard has carried out, the more experienced it is, and the higher the quality of the ships will be. Hanseatic League trading posts have no shipyards, and no new ships can be built there. Left clicking on one of the buildings opens a menu showing a picture of the shipyard. A message in the selection window indicates when the shipyard will be available and whom it is currently working for. A menu with the following options is also shown

Your Ship As A Weapon

The objects in Descent are physical objects you can ram into something with your ship and possibly cause a response. For example, most doors can be rammed open or shot at to open, while hostage doors must actually be fired upon until destroyed. You can conceivably ram something repeatedly to destroy it - if this happens to be a fighting method you've been reduced to, best of luck The center object is your ship. Other green objects are hostages.

Shipyards and Repair Docks

The shipyard is one of the most important buildings in town, as the ships built, repaired or upgraded here form the basis of your whole enterprise. You can watch the work being carried out on current orders in the repair dock. Hanseatic League trading posts have no shipyards capable of building new ships, just repair docks to carry out repairs or upgrades. You will find more information about shipyards in Chapter 9, Ships.

The Shipyard

In addition to enhancing your flagship, the Earth Starbase can also build additional combat vessels to escort you on your travels through space. To build combat ships, or commission new crew members for your flagship or combat vessels, choose SHIPYARD from the Starbase Main Menu. At the top of the Shipyard Screen you will see a schematic of your ship which shows how much fuel, cargo, and crew you have aboard. Beneath this schematic are the 12 ship hangars in which you can build your fleet of combat vessels.

Shipyard And Wharf

The fishing boats operate from a wharf. If your province contains fish, build a shipyard located on the same body of water that has the fishing grounds (the circling seagulls). The shipyard needs road access and employees to work, and each fishing boat requires three cart-loads of timber to build. Shipyard Shipyard To run a fishing industry, you also need at least one wharf. Your fishermen work out of the wharf, not the shipyard. As soon as a boat is finished at the shipyard, it will sail over to a vacant wharf. Each wharf can service one fishing boat. As long as the wharf has labor access and enough laborers, a fishing boat puts into the wharf to take on a crew, then sails to the fishing grounds. When its hold is full, the boat returns to the nearest wharf to unload its catch. As soon as it's unloaded, the boat returns to the fishing grounds. Wharf workers take the unloaded catch to the nearest granary, if there is one with space, or warehouse.

Shipyard Capacity

To build ships with hull sizes greater than 4, you must construct additional Shipyard Capacity on your planet. Shipyard Capacity increases are discovered via research and are represented by the ability to build another level of Shipyard Capacity to a specific planet. These buildings are planetary in scope, and therefore are not located within a specific DER. Each building constructed to increase a planets Shipyard Capacity adds one (+1) to the maHimum hull size that can be built at that planet (so, if you have 3 of these buildings on a planet, you can build up to hull size 1, Cruisers and Heavy monitors). There are a total of 10 of these buildings that can be researched and built on a single planet (bringing hull sizes building limits up to their maHimum of 14). Unfortunately, each building costs progressively more than the previous one in both construction and maintenance. Thus, you will not want to build all 10 of these Shipyard Capacity buildings on every planet (because of the...


Shipyards are places where ships are built and units sent across rivers and seas. Because of their nature both boats and mules can enter them. The shipyard uses boats when instructed to transfer resources to another shipyard. Mules are used to transfer resources to an outpost, village or stronghold. Wooden Shipyard Stone Shipyard Tribute - sends resources to a specified village, stronghold, shipyard or outpost Create mule with food - creates a mule with food (between 100 and 1000) Create mule with gold - creates a mule with gold (between 100 and 1000) Create boat with food - creates a boat with food (between 100 and 1000) Create boat with gold - creates a boat with gold (between 100 and 1000) Create battle ship - creates a ship, which can be used for sea and coast combat

Building and Commanding Ships Building

As nifty as Fabricators and Harvesters are, a fleet of them won't do you much good. You need some real fighting ships, and to build ships you need shipyards. The first shipyard to become available will be the Light Shipyard, which builds smaller ships, followed by the Heavy Shipyard, which builds larger ships. Once your harvesting operation has begun, build a Light Shipyard, and start building your fighters. To build a Corvette, click a Light Shipyard, and then click the Corvette button.

Adding and Removing Crew

To add new crew members, select +CREW from the Shipyard Command To remove crew from your flagship or a combat vessel, choose -CREW from the Shipyard Command Menu, then move the flashing cursor over the desired ship and press Enter. Each time you do so, one crew will be transferred back to the Starbase, and you will recoup most of the crew's value. When you are done removing crew, press the Spacebar to return to the Command Menu.

Blocking Towns and Repairs

A small button to the right of a town allows you to set the following options for each town The captain sails to the town as usual, but only lands if the crew needs shore leave to boost morale or the condition of one of the convoy's ships is below 90 . If this is the case the captain will automatically take the affected ship s to the shipyard for repairs. The ship does not call at this town. You could of course delete the town from the list, but you may just want to avoid the town for a short period of time. Your ship docks normally (default).

Design New Rib System and New Hulls

Becomes available after building a shipyard. allows you to build battleships. After researching this technology, you will be able to construct battleships in your shipyards. In the heyday of the sailing fleet, the production of wooden hulls achieved perfection. Knowledge stored by carpenters and engineers when building new ships allowed them to construct hulls for the great battleships, the highlight of shipbuilding. Many concepts developed for the building of sailing vessels not only survived up to the epoch of metal ships but were also used in metal shipbuilding.

Design New Tackle and Fishing Nets

Becomes available after building a shipyard. you to increase the efficiency of fishing boats by 100 . After accomplishing this upgrade, boats will fish twice as fast, thus increasing food procurement. Build New Shipyards For Fishing Boats Availability Becomes available after building a shipyard. Action After accomplishing this upgrade, building Primitive boat construction methods were ineffective and expensive. Building Fishing boats at shipyards enabled a reduction in prices and the increase of Fish procurement.

Using the Unit Construction Panel

Each of the three unit construction areas on the screen the University, the Armoury and the Shipyard, builds a different sort of unit respectively, civilians, land regiments and ships. All new units appear on the Terrain Map screen, and are announced in the Turn Summary, at the start of the next turn. New units start their first turn on the Terrain Map in the province of the capital or in the home port at the capital.

Friendship Treaty on the Propose Window

This treaty of a military alliance allows your empire to establish a trade route with the minor race and to use the race's shipyards to extend your starships' range. It also allows you to build starbases in that race's sector. An Affiliation Treaty established with a minor race makes that race end its diplomatic relationship with another empire. Affiliation Treaties cannot be established with a minor race that already has an Affiliation or Membership Treaty with another empire. This treaty places the minor race and its resources at your empire's disposal. At that point, you manage the minor race and its resources. Although trade routes cannot be formed between your empire and that race, you do receive a tax revenue from that race. You can also use its shipyard or build one there to extend your starships' range. You get the benefits of any special structure it has. A Membership Treaty established with a minor race will make that race end its diplomatic relationship with another empire....

History Of Galactic Command GALCOM

The star station Starpath, in orbit around Mars, could support up to six thousand personnel and ten spacecraft. Within a year, it was outfitted with defense systems including advanced search-and-detect radar, phased matter shields, and Roton laser arrays. The second star station, Genesis, was designed primarily as a military installation from the onset. It had better defensive and offensive systems and was used to pinpoint the location of Earth Command opposition on the planet's surface. This station was three times the size of Starpath and capable of supporting up to twenty five thousand personnel. It was also the site of the first space-borne shipyard.

Game Map anD Game RLav Basics

Building Structures Engineers and Constructors build structures. Click on them to call up their Command Windows listing all the structures they can build. Click on what you want to build the name of the building will appear in the message box at the bottom of the Game Screen. Then click on the Game Map where you want to place the new building. There are some restrictions on where buildings can be placed. For example, Shipyards can only be built on water. Building Units First, select a factory Light Units Plant or Light Breeder, Heavy Units Plant or Heavy Breeder, Air Units Plant or Air Breeder, or Shipyard or Sea Breeder. Then click on Build to reach its Factory Menu. Select the unit(s) you wish to build and click on Done when you are satisfied. Units will be built in the order that they are selected.

The Shou Jen and the Founding of Ryuujii

But there were those of other families who bore the Dragon grudges for their years of hardship, and who said the Dragon would never be a faithful ally. So it was that six families rose up and built boats, upon which they sailed over the waters and founded the nations of Iiwah and Chiran-tou, for they would rather serve the other Elders despite the promise of the Dragon.

What Counts Towards Your Population

Your pop count is the total number of individuals who currently call your civilisation home. Every unit you produce - Citizens, military personnel and weapons, Heroes, Priests, Prophets, fishing boats, etc. - contributes to your civilisation's pop count. (Most units add one to your population, but some add more -cavalry units, for example, add two.) Buildings, including towers, do not contribute to your pop count. Any enemy units you convert with your Priests (or enemy Cybers you take over) add to your population count.

Naval Vessels and Combat at

There are several categories of ships in Empire Earth battleships, frigates, galleys galleons, transports, cruisers, attack submarines, nuclear submarines, and aircraft carriers. Fishing Boats are also available. Naval vessels differ from other types of units in a few important ways, described below.

Nd Century BC th Century AD

The Byzantine Empire, centered in Constantinople, stood for over one thousand years. The Byzantines maintained a strong army and almost singlehandedly kept the art of ship building alive throughout the Dark Ages. At its height, following the reign of Justinian I in the 6th Century AD, the empire included modern day Turkey, the Balkans, Egypt and North Africa, Italy, and even southern Spain. 20 Farming Citizens & Fishing Boats

Specifying destination point

Note Since a sailing ship Is strongly restricted In maneuvering, the ship sometimes has no opportunity to arrive at the specified point. For this reason the move order mill be considered fulfilled If the ship arrives close to the maypolnt. In the case where other ships are at the maypolnt, the ship mill work Its may around the existing ship. If a ship must perform an upwind maneuver to reach the maypolnt, It mill move with traverses, Indicated by a thin line showing the approximate course to the waypolnt.

The Basics of Blasting

Getting your ship in the right position is crucial to firing. Therefore, you must keep several things in mind when confronting an opponent The type and range of the weapon you're firing. The defensive capabilities of your opponent, both in defensive powers and evasive potential. The computer opponent achieves its remarkable accuracy by firing not at your ship, but at where your ship is going to be.

Flagship Characteristics

Maximum Velocity Your ship's speed in combat, Hyper-Space and interplanetary travel based on the number of thrusters your ship possesses. Combat Energy The speed with which the energy for your weapons is replenished during combat. The more Dynamos you have on board your flagship, the faster energy will be regenerated.

Harvesting Ship Carcasses

When you destroy an organic enemy ship, a carcass is left behind with some amount of blood in it. You can order your ship to harvest a carcass and collect resources from it by left-clicking the Harvest order and then left-clicking on the carcass. Your ship will extract as much blood from a carcass as it needs to refill its blood supply. Of course, this is limited by the amount of blood remaining in the carcass. During the harvesting process, your ship also analyzes carcasses for any genetic material (genes) available. It will transfer any genes found within the carcass to your Gene Laboratory's Gene Bank.

Repair Team Assignments

This panel shows the current state of your ship's batteries and Warp Core. The Warp Core produces all the power for your ship, as well as keeping the ship's Main Battery and Reserve Battery charged. The Power Transmission Grid allows you to change the amount of power allocated to your ship's systems. Increased power will result in increased performance, although it may drain your batteries over time. Decreasing power will reduce a system's performance, but will reduce battery drain (or allow for recharging if power usage is Low enough). Learning to balance the power Levels on your ship will increase your ship's combat effectiveness, especially during prolonged engagements. Power Source Gauges These are the three vertical bars on the right hand side of the display. The left bar represents your ship's Warp Core. The middle bar represents your Main Battery, while the right bar represents your Reserve Battery. Warp Core - This bar displays the condition of your Warp Core. As your Warp...

Battles to Board another Ship

The Capture and Plunder buttons allow you to try and capture the enemy ship by hand to hand combat. By right clicking on the enemy, your ship will try to get close enough to start boarding it. Capture means that you are going to try and add the whole ship to your fleet by disposing of its crew. If you click on Plunder, you will only be taking the most valuable goods. If your ship is engaged in a boarding fight, you won't be able to select it as usual. You will receive a message

Ship Integrity Breaches

During combat, your shields and armor may be breached causing the ship's hull to take damage. A powerful impact can damage your ship's systems, locations, and injure or kill personnel at those locations. System malfunction can range from unstable displays to the display of incorrect data. Repeated damage to certain systems, including shields, reactor, cloaking system, and even minerals stored in the cargo bay can cause radiation leaks on the ship. If your ship's armor is breached under any circumstance, your first option is to break off the engagement and leave the area. If your Chief Engineer is smart enough and available he will initiate repairs to critical systems once they take damage. Sometimes you may want to direct him to repair a specific system. In any case, you should seek a quiet portion of space and immediately initiate repairs. You can always head for the nearest friendly starstation for assistance or send out a priority one SOS call in extreme circumstance. Follow the...

Missile Lock and Targeting

If you rookies have problems using the 2D target indicator (red triangle) to find a bogey in real 3D space, try rolling your ship until the triangle points straight up, then pull back on the yoke. This rotates your ship along the z-axis until you can site them. Good hunting.

Asteroids and Nebulae

Navigating through rocks the size of your ship is tricky business. Navigation systems and pilots are smart enough not to collide with them, but an asteroid field will slow down your ships considerably. This red, sulfurous, hellish cloud yields much harvestable gas but will slowly destroy your ships if you leave them inside it too long.

Interplanetary Travel

Interplanetary navigation is travel between planets within a single star system. The interplanetary navigation screen is represented as a sun surrounded by a number of planets, each situated on an ellipse describing its orbital path around the sun. As you navigate your ship toward the center of the star system, the view expands to show you a more detailed view of the inner planets. When you approach a planet, the view will expand once more, showing you a close-up view of the world, plus displaying any moons which may be orbiting the main planet.

Planetfall Operations

You can fly to and enter the atmosphere of any planet or moon in the galaxy. The procedure is simple. Simply locate the planet or moon visually or by selecting it in the nid. Once you've located it, use normal flight controls and fly directly toward it. Continue to fly toward it until your ship is captured in the planet or moon's gravitational field. A short external camera transition sequence will occur after which your ship will be located within the atmosphere. Controls will then be handed over to you by the flight computer once the planetfall procedures are completed. One of the worst things that can happen to you when on a planet is if your ship is too damaged to achieve enough thrust to breach the planet's escape velocity. If you cannot attain this thrust level, your ship will never reach the 45,000 feet minimum altitude required to engage orbital breach procedures. If this happens, you have several choices. You can either Flying down to the surface of a planet or moon can be an...

Remote Region Access Taclink mode

You can view a region your probe is in even though your ship is not physically located there by using it's taclink mode and using the tacops computer to view the region. Once the probe gets to the region, simply select it from the nid and its target menu will now list targets available in the region where it is currently located. You can then select those targets and send the probe to a new region from its current location. In tacops, select the probe and select the view probe region option. You will then be able to view that region as long as the probe is active and on-line. You can even send orders to your ships and troops in regions being observed by the probe.

Note Refer to Section Galcom Commanders Guidelines for more on Galcom ranks and Appendix B for Exper

Several arms of the galcom organization concentrate on the promotion of free trade, science, and technology. For this reason, your galcom designation is set to Terran Military. Under this designation, galcom ships can usually enter most space sectors where people you encounter will not regard you as a threat but as a neutral emissary of galcom. We wish you all the best because once they figure out that you have combat capable weaponry, since you will be radar acquired so fast you'd think there was a bullseye on your ship where the galcom insignia should be.

Quick Reference Commands

The tacscan computer is the heart of the Battlecruiser's weapon system. It is capable of tracking targets in space and in Interceptors, and can also scan airborne & ground targets. Within the display are two circles which give an approximate indication of where the target is located in relation to your ship, and it's the target's bearing. Generally, any target which is within the inner tracking region is in front of you. Anything outside this region and within the outer region is behind you. Your ship is in the center of the display. If a target were at the center point of the bridgeviewer its designator would appear in the center of the tacscan.

Evacuation Procedures

The decision to evacuate one's ship is not an easy one for any hard core commander. Though you may think that this is a game and if you die you can start over, it's important to note that if you play this game long enough, you will get that deep-seated feeling of responsibility for your ship & crew. This alone can cause you to think twice about evacuating the ship. It can also lead to the destruction of your ship and the death of a fine crew. The game keeps an internal clock and if you end up triggering an evacuation after playing for a day or two, you will never know what it's like to have played for weeks on end with a crew that has grown and evolved with you. This is the kind of experience I created in the game and if you make yourself responsible for your ship and it's crew, you may never find yourself listening to an evacuation klaxon. Your time would be better spent seeking ways to resolve the problem and at the same time save your ship and crew. If you evacuate your ship when...

Hull and Armor Specifications

The Battlecruiser has an advanced cloaking system which shields it from detection. This system uses Iridium crystals for power and also requires that power be allocated to the ship's main weapon systems. If you are engaged in heavy combat or going up against a relentless and powerful target such as another attack carrier or star station, you may want to cloak your ship. While cloaked, the ship is invisible to all radar systems. If you launch support ships or fire weapons while cloaked, it will create a distortion field and your ship will be momentarily visible. Activating the cloak only makes your ship invisible. An incoming missile will lose its lock if you cloak, but it will continue to fly in it's preprogrammed direction until it runs out of steam. Therefore it is best to change the ship's heading and location when you cloak.

Flagship Enhancement Modules

The Precursors who designed your flagship 250,000 years ago (while humans were still little more than smart monkeys), would have really appreciated the Swiss Army Knife. This is apparent in the way your ship is built. The superframe of the flagship is strong but minimal, providing little Thruster and Attitude modules affect how your ship handles in space. The more Thrusters you have affixed to your flagship the faster it goes. Increasing the number of Attitude modules allows your ship to turn faster. You can have a maximum of 11 Thrusters and 8 Attitude modules. Landers are necessary for making journeys to planet surfaces. You may need more than one lander because hostile conditions on planetside may result in the untimely destruction of a lander now and again. You are limited to a maximum of 10 landers.

Technical Supplement and Tutorial

Beneath each ration type, a cost is listed. This is the cost per ton of the item. The listed weight is the number of tons currently aboard your ship. Since the trip to Tangiers is a relatively short one. you will not need large amounts of supplies. But you will want to add to your current slock. Click on the right arrow button for each item to set the supply of water, meat, and rum to 700 units, and the supply of fruit to 1200 units (fruit spoils and is depleted faster). Noticc that 500 units of each ration arc equal to one ton. Your last stop before you set sail will be at the bank. You may want to put some of your gold in the bank so that if your ship is defeated, you will not lose all that you have. Click on the Enter Bank hotspot (the small brick building near the middle of the screen) to access the bank screen. Now you arc ready to board your ship.

[ Flight Path Designator FPD

The fpd is a navigation aid which enables you to accurately locate the direction of the current navigation target in space. It consists of a series of rectangles pointing in the general direction of the target. It is color coded to assist in accurate orientation of the ship to the target. If the target is within the display field of view but at a great distance, it will be yellow. If it is relatively behind your ship and at a great distance, it will be red. It will change to grey once you are relatively close to the target. The ntd of the target will be displayed at the center of the fpd if the target is in front of you. The fpd will be cleared if the system is switched to tac (Tactical) mode disabling the ability to jump to a target region.

Mode Navigation Map NAV

In space, this mode tracks navigation related targets on a grid with your ship at the center. On a planet surface they are tracked on a static topological bitmap of the planet or moon with your ship in the center. In space, targets are represented by color coded dots with stalks pointing away from the center of the display indicating the relative position. On a planet, they are simply dots on the map.

Flight Controls Dynamics

To change your pitch, push the stick up and down . In space, this will not change your altitude but on a planet or moon where gravity is in effect, it will. On a planet you can increase or decrease your altitude by pushing the stick up or down . In space this merely changes your ship's pitch angle as altitude is not affected. You can also use the up arrow and down arrow keys to pitch the ship. Notice that there is no change to the Ship Heading Indicator as you pitch the ship. To move the ship forward you must apply thrust by pressing 1-9 on the keyboard or by using your stick's throttle wheel. This causes the ship to accelerate forward. You can also use your stick's throttle control if it has one. Once thrust is applied, the ship will start to move as indicated by the Ship Velocity Indicator. You can also fine tune your thrust for precision approach using the throttle wheel or by pressing the - and + keys. The ship's max speed is 1500 mps (meters per sec) The afterburner and...

Flagship Modules

These modules provide living quarters and life-support for up to 50 additional crew members. When you purchase a Crew Pod, it will be empty. To fill it with new crew, visit the SHIPYARDS in the Earth Starbase. Ion-Gun Racks are poly-channel combat units which concentrate the raw energy of your ship's batteries and Dynamos into a focused destructive projectile. Depending on the exact placement of an Ion-Gun Rack or other weapon module, the ship will fire in one or more directions simultaneously. The most weapons you can have on your ship is four. The module slots in which you can put a weapon are marked in blue.

Harbor And Warehouse Views

The harbor view shows all ships currently docked in the harbor. Beneath the wharves runs a row of boxes representing the cargo holds of the currently-selected ship. In this view, you can transfer cargoes from warehouses to your ships, or vice versa. You can also transfer cargoes from ship to ship. Selling Cargo Selling cargo works the opposite way. Using the mouse, drag cargo from your ship's hold to the warehouse area of the display. The cargo is automatically stowed in its proper place, and your treasury increases accordingly. Alternatively, you can press the Unload key (U) and empty the cargo in your first hold into the warehouse. Repeated use of the Unload key (U) eventually unloads an entire ship, updating your treasury hold by hold.

Descent Free Space

NOTE If an energy reserve is at full capacity (full weapons bank, or full shield charge), the energy directed to that system will not be automatically redirected, and will be lost . Therefore, if your ship has a full weapons bank, you may wish to drop its ETS setting to move the extra energy to engines.

The Effects of Inertia and Gravity

Gravity is the natural attractive force that exists between all objects. This force is usually too small to be noticeable, unless an object is terrifically massive - like a sun or planet. In Star Control II, the only situation in which your ship will be affected by gravity is in space combat. As you approach a planet, its gravity will begin to affect the course of your vessel, bending your path toward the center of the planet.

Query Geordie Laforge Notes On The Sovereign Class

In the time I've spent tinkering with the Enterprise, I can tell you that the standard protocols for warp intermix ratios must be thrown out the airlock. The Sovereign class has too many command modules and essential systems to operate at anything less than 105 . However, with the addition of the enhanced warp core in your vessel, you'll probably find power management a breath easier than we have here. In the design specs I studied regarding this refit, I've noticed that, although there will be a higher yield intermix chamber, there are no plans to add any ODN conduits or EPS junctions. With all that added power, you'll want to make sure your ship's power distribution nodes aren't overtaxed. I suggest you install another EPS junction on Deck 10 to handle the power routing to your enhanced deflector system, and another on Deck 15 to evenly distribute power to your regenerative shielding matrix. I know you may have already taken this into account, but I mention it because I had two EPS...

Conquest Of The New World

Your first mission is to establish landfall and start exploring the New World. To disembark units from your Ship, click on the Ship. Then either click on Disembark All to move everyone off the Ship at once, or click on the Cargo button, highlight the unit you wish to leave the Ship, and click on the Disembark button. You may explore the coastline with your Ship in the same way. Either click on the Ship and drag it to when you wish it to go or click on the Explore button.

Launching Orbit To Surface OTS Weapons

To launch a probe, left click on the slot and select the launch command. Once launched, the probe will appear on the display near the ship. Now that the probe is launched, you can again select its orders box to access its programming codes. To have the probe jump to another space region, you select jump at then navigation and finally any of the listed jump anomalies. To send a probe to orbit a planet in the current region, you select the desired planet or moon from the planets or moons sub-menu. You can use a probe to view a different space region than the one your ship is located in by using the view probe region. This puts the probe in taclink mode and you will be able to view the region and give the probe commands from that region. Use the view local region to return to a view of your current region. These commands are accessible from the probe menu and are only available once the probe has jumped out of the local region. If you're in tacops when a probe jumps to another space...

Politics and Diplomacy

Once both ships reach the harbour, they will be positioned in the centre of the basin and you will no longer be able to control your ship. can only be transferred between your ships and your trading office. All computer traders will stick to the boycott - and so should you. Any traders who violate the boycott will be taken to court. And such law suits can get quite expensive.

Advisorsworld Reports

Once the space race begins, it is important to maintain a watch on the spaceships of your rivals. You need to assess when they are likely to launch so you can plan the size of your own ship and its launch date. If you conclude that your ship construction is too far behind to catch up, it may be necessary to mount a military campaign to capture the enemy capital. Capturing the enemy capital destroys a space ship under construction or one already launched.

Hyper Dimensional Physics

Hyperspace Communications allow you to communicate with and give orders to any of your ships in hyperspace, no matter what its distance from your relay stations. This also replaces any Command Rating bonus to orbital bases given by Tachyon or Subspace Communications with a +3 bonus. Sensors provide extremely accurate scans and analysis of disturbances in both normal and hyperspace, and thus are capable of detecting ships at . great distances. They have a base detection range (for Small ships) of 8 R

Starships and Structures

Starships are automatically upgraded to the next technological level in between strategic turns. Upgrading occurs when your empire has all the technological requirements necessary for the next level of starship. All starships under construction will be upgraded, with an additional construction cost to be paid before the starship can be used. The earlier level of starship will no longer be available at the Shipbuilding window.

Transferring Resource Units RUs

Ships Selected List If you have ships selected, they will be listed by type in the upper right corner of the screen. This list is especially useful for identifying smaller ships in the Sensors Manager by selecting them. Normally ships are listed in white. They are listed in gray if they are currently uncontrollable (i.e. being built, upgrading, linking, getting infected, etc), and listed in blue if they are allied (and thus uncontrollable). Many of the more complex tasks, like ship-building and research, have their own special screens to help you manage them more effectively. They can be accessed at any time and any place during combat by hitting the appropriate command key. You can return to regular game view by hitting the ESC key. The build, research, and system managers all have buttons in the top right corner that enable easy access to one another.

Feklhrclass Heavy Cruiser

The Fek'lhr-ciass is named after a mythical Klingon beast who guards the gates of Gre-Thor, where dishonored Klingon warriors go after death. The vessel was designed as a heavy attack escort vessel. Better armored and mounted with better weapons than the smaller ships in the military, the Fek'lhx is also capable of long range reconnaissance and scout duties thanks to its cloaking device and advanced sensor package. The Fek'lhr is also equipped with a modular equipment pod similar to that found on the Federation's Nebula-class. This allows the vessel to be refitted quickly for other duties.

Naval Forces In Japan

It would be fair to say that that the samurai were never consummate masters of naval combat, because they never really needed to become expert sailors. A fleet wasn't going to make its owner the shogun, but a samurai army might just do the job Warships were built and used, but they weren't really a decisive factor in the Sengoku period. As a result, Shogun Total War doesn't include naval forces. During the game you can build shipyards in coastal provinces, but these are needed for transport and trade between the main islands of Japan.

New Freelance Sub Fighter Organisation Founded

Tyler Underwater Shipyards have revealed their new sub carrier for 2051, at the Tokyo Sub Expo '50. The craft, known as the Constellation class, is capable of carrying and servicing 12 fighter subs and has more leisure facilities than your local mega complex. It retails at a cool 2825 million. Any takers

Technological research

Lefs take a closer look at an application to see how it works. The Steamers application allows for the construction of Steamer Shipyards, opens research for Iron Steamers and will trigger the following events Corvettes, Steamer Transports and Commerce Raiders. The events will trigger over time, though nothing will happen unless the required application has been researched.

How to Build a New Structure

All buildings are constructed in much the same way, however, you may need to be particularly careful when building docks, boatyards, and or shipyards. Additionally, most buildings require available captives and time to build, while others are built immediately upon placing it on the terrain. 4.) With the structure selected, move your cursor over the island in the main window. You'll notice the building appears red or green as you move the mouse over the island. Red locations are illegal and green locations are legal. You must place most new structures next to a road. If you cannot find a legal placement, build some more roads first. Some other structures like docks, boatyards, and shipyards have additional requirements such as needing access to water.

Query Sovereign Projectclassified

Initial testing of the Sovereign's new upgrades and additions to its defensive systems proved disappointing. Design flaws in the regenerative shielding system led to phase-synchronization instabilities in the graviton polarity generators powering the upgraded shield grid. Further, its enhanced deflector system, although vastly improved with a new gravimetric distortion package, required great amounts of power from the ship's warp core. In theory, this package would increase the resolution of subspace scans by supplying greater power to the deflector and its sensor systems. However, its drain on other essential ship systems was deemed inefficient by Starfleet standards. For these reasons, the Sovereign was never commissioned and was subsequently sent back to the Mars shipyards for storage and design reference. A second Sovereign-class ship was then constructed, incorporating more conventional shield and deflector systems. However, many of the ship upgrades pioneered in the Sovereign...

Falconclass Destroyer

After the Talon proved itself as a versatile high-speed combat vessel, the need arose for a version of the ship which was more capable of defending itself for use in high-risk insertion and escort missions. The result was the Falcon-class, which is based on the same hull design as the Talon but features additional weapon mounts to make the vessel a more formidable opponent if it is unable to use its speed and cloaking device to escape. The added systems lower the overall top speed and maneuverability of the ship, but raise its overall survivability significantly.

Bird Of PreybrelClass Frigate

The B'Rel-class frigate, also known simply as the Bird Of Prey, has been in service in the Klingon Empire for over eighty years. The class has undergone several upgrades and refits, but is still used as a major component of the Klingon fleet. The ship is highly maneuverable, requires a minimal crew to run at maximum combat effectiveness, and carries very impressive firepower for its small size. The B'Rel is capable of atmospheric flight and planetary landings as well as warp-speed interstellar flight. The craft is also equipped with a cloaking device, making it a very effective scout ship. The hull design and general layout were used to create the heavier C'l ort-class destroyer.

Colonizing An Uninhabited Planet

To colonize an uninhabited planet, you need a fleet containing at least one ship with a colonization module as part of the hull design. Most races start with at least one colonizer. If you don't have any colony ships, add one or more to your production queue. 1. Double-click on locations in the Scanner where your ships are present, starting logically with the location from where you will launch the colonizing force. If a planet is also present, right-click on the location and select a ship in the popup list.

Nebulaclass Heavy Battlecruiser

The Nebula-class vessel was originally designed as a lower cost alternative to the Co oxy-Class. The two vessels share many of the same advanced components, systems, and design features, but the Nebula's integrated hull structure and modest scale make it more cost-effective for mass production than its larger Co oxy-class cousin. In addition, the Nebula features a large dorsal equipment module. This module allows the Nebula to be alternately configured for either research or combat by housing either an advanced sensor package or weapons platform. Its wide array of uses makes the Nebula one of the most versatile ships in Starfleet, though its relatively weak armor keeps it from seeing the front lines as often as more combat-oriented vessels.

Obsolete Warships and Upgrading

Fhe six ships in the game that are most useful in battle should be considered either fast ships or battle ships. Fast ships (Sloops, Frigates, Raiders) are used primarily for intercepting, and blockading. Fo control a sea zone and destroy an enemy fleet the battle ships (Galleons, Ships-of-the-Line, Ironclads) are superior. Of course a fast ship of a later era may be victorious over an out-dated battle ship.

Energy Transfer System

Your ship's reactor produces a certain amount of power every second. This power is directed to three primary subsystems weapons, shields, and engines. The ETS enables you to change the amount of power directed to each subsystem, based on current need. Engines - Maximizing power output to engines raises the top speed of your ship by 20-30 . The exact amount varies, depending on the ship's reactor capacity and engine. Similarly, decreasing the engine ETS setting below its default causes your engines to operate at below normal output, lowering your top speed by up to 30 . NOTE If a subsystem's energy reserve is at full capacity (full shield charge, for example), the energy directed to that subsystem is lost, not redirected to another subsystem. Therefore, if your ship has full shields, you may wish to drop the S ETS setting to move the extra energy to engines, for example.

Sid Meier S Pirates Land

When you want to go ashore, steer your ship into the land. When you reach your target a pop-up will appear, asking if you really want to disembark. If you answer in the affirmative, a landing party forms ashore from your anchored vessel. You, of course, are in the lead. When it is time to return to your vessel, hit the Return to Your Ship (r) key. Your crew will immediately board your ship and head out to sea. Note that you can use this to teleport your crew from far inland. Alternatively, you can manually direct your landing party aboard your ship. In a moment the scene will change and you'll be back at sea. Move your men atop the blinking mark, and they will uncover the hidden goodies. Once you've got the loot, you can use the Return to Your Ship button to get back to sea. If you are defeated in battle, one of two fates awaits you. If you are not captured, you return to your ships to lick your wounds and plot your next move. If captured, however, you spend the next six months or so...

Using Special Weapons

Once you have inserted a gene into your ship, you can use the resultant weapon or capability. Some genes provide ships with weapons that must be activated. Hold down the Spacebar to display an icon for each ship's Special Weapon, which will appear above the ship. If the ship is out of camera view, its Special Weapon icons will be shown next to its icon on the Fleet Panel. Thus, weapons can still be fired from distant ships. Left-click on a gene icon and then left-click on an enemy ship once the cursor changes into cross-hairs to fire it. Left-click and drag a selection box around your ships. When multiple ships are selected, any order that you issue will be given to all selected ships. Selected ships' icons are highlighted in the Fleet Panel. You can add units to a selected group by holding the Shift key down and left-clicking on additional units.

Storage And Distribution Granaries Warehouses Markets

A granary is merely a large structure that centrally stores the output of all of your food farms and fishing boats for later distribution. Did I really say merely I certainly don't mean to belittle the importance of granaries Without at least one, no one can eat. Your enemies know this as well as you do. Invaders often try to destroy granaries if they get past your city defenses. Rioters might do the same, especially if they're rioting because of lack of food.

Pirates and how to treat them

Most probably, you will very soon encounter pirates. Especially at the beginning of your career, when you don't have the necessary funds to equip your ships with expensive weapons, privateers will be a burden. Later on, you will no longer be helpless. You might even become a famous pirate hunter, for those who destroy pirate ships or even discover hideouts will be rewarded with considerable sums of money and gain a lot of recognition. Terrorize the shores of a city Go to any tavern, hire a pirate and leave him one of your ships along with its crew (but without the captain). 50 of the total plunder will be yours. You will receive payments and notifications in your personal mail. (see also chapter 10, The Tavern) Avoid being boarded though, for if your ship is captured, the captain will have to undergo a hearing and he's unfortunately likely to squeal. You will not only lose your ship, your load and all your plunder but also your good reputation, which was so hard to attain. Moreover,...

Proceed to the Extraction Point

At any rate, keep low and keep cloaked as soon as you lose your boat. That damned chopper is back, too, so you need to stay down to avoid getting strafed or blown to kingdom come by a rocket. Climb onto the beach on the right side and cloak to creep past the guards and the trucks by the bridge. Don't bother trying to engage anybody here, as if the tons of KPA don't kill you, the chopper will.

Military Academy Advanced Military Academy and Elite Military Academy

Military Harbour, Port and Dockyard Enable you to build warships to patrol the seas and transport troops Military Harbour, Port and Dockyard Enable you to build warships to patrol the seas and transport troops Merchant Harbour, Port and Dockyard Enable you to build merchant vessels and establish commercial sea routes. These are the most lucrative routes, yet can be the most difficult to maintain

Weapon Selection Control

You are also able to select individual weapons. To do this, simply click on the weapon icon on the schematic of your ship in the lower left of the Each of your weapons has a firing arc. That weapon can only fire when its target is within this arc. When a weapon is selected, its firing arc appears in its display box. You can also view the firing arcs of all your ship's weapons at any time by pressing the pie-shaped Firing Arc button beneath your ship schematic.

Price of Ships in Goods

In building ships, the necessary time and cost depend on the shipyard's experience. If the shipyard is able to build bigger versions of a ship it uses up more wood and becomes more expensive. In building ships, the necessary time and cost depend on the shipyard's experience. If the shipyard is able to build bigger versions of a ship it uses up more wood and becomes more expensive.

Production and Prices

Demand results from the populations' goods requirements and any needs the town-owned businesses have of raw materials. The raw material requirements of the traders' businesses in town are not represented in the market hall. Requirements of building materials such as bricks, wood, hemp and ironware are dependent on the town's size and work load of its shipyards. Supply consists of the goods stored in town.

History Of The Hiigaran Landfall

Homeworld Complex Hiigara Ships

Deprived of the conscious direction of Karan Sjet, the Mothership's engines are set on automatic She serves as an orbital space station and shipyard. Manned by a skeleton crew of 8,000 engineers, the Mothership provides living quarters for those working in low orbit, and She has given birth to over 30 carrier-class ships since the Hiigaran Landfall. The result of this phenomenal output has been a new Hiigaran navy, which consists of six great Fleets the largest of our present-day kiithid have each taken command of an autonomous carrier group. The fleets of Manaan, Soban, Naabal, LiirHra, Paktu and Kaalel take turns patrolling the outer systems, guarding our trade routes, and defending Hiigara itself.

Joining a Multiplayer Skirmish

Once you have joined a game you will be taken to the Game Setup screen, which is nearly identical to the one found in the Single Player Skirmish mode. The host has control over game speed, scenario types, AI, and point limits. You have control over your empire, team, and the configuration of your ship. Use the chat window at the bottom of the screen to talk with other players. When you are happy with your setup and ready to play, click Yes beneath Are You Ready In the lower right corner of the screen. Once all players are ready, the host can begin the game.

The Strenuous Struggle for Advancement Recognition

Meeting the demands of the people is by far not the only way to raise your standing. The construction of wells, for instance, is thankfully accepted by the people. The same applies to the construction of hospitals, the improvement of roads (an epidemic counter-measure) and the aforementioned donations to the church. Your standing also rises with the number of people you employ in your businesses. Moreover, the number of commissions you regularly issue at the shipyard, the capacity of your ships, your sheer wealth and your willingness to provide needy people with loans also affect your standing. The friendliness of your family (more on this subject further on), your membership at the guild, your discoveries during expeditions, the number of coastal patrol vessels you provide and your accuracy and effectiveness in fights against pirates influence your standing as well. Your reputation among the common people or the upper classes can be as good as it may once you are involved with...

The Dutch Seaborne Empire

The Dutch did dominate seaborne trade in the 17th century. A small country with few natural resources, trade became her primary focus. Because of ready access to the mouth of the Rhine river, and useful treaties with the Baltic states, the Dutch were assured of sufficient raw materials for ship building and they constructed remarkably efficient and sturdy vessels. Dutchmen built a huge merchant marine fleet, scorning the more expensive and less efficient warships. Dutch interests built the tremendously successful Dutch East India Company, which came to dominate Far Eastern trade. She catered to other nations as the carrier of materials and goods from all over the world. She was the preferred shipper for most colonials because of low rates, longer credit, cheaper prices for European goods, and dependability.

Chapter Twelve Shipyrrds

This is where you make your decision on what kind of ships you want to build. Ships are always designed to fulfill a particular role or mission, and your Leader will always use the best available technology and equipment for that mission type. Click on the Ship Design icon to ewpand the panel. The Shipyards screen is broken up into 4 sections Ship Orders, name Ship Info, Capacity, Items Components. UUhen you first bring up the Shipyards screen, it defaults to a new design with the same parameters as the ship you most recently designed. There are two ways to use this screen.

Benefits of Technology

Advanced Hull Design Clipper Ships This development permits shipwrights Circular Saw, Advance Hull Design Improvements in sail design have led your shipwrights to a fast light merchant vessel, the Trader. These sails will later be useful for faster warships as well. Wind Sawmill, Superior Hull Design Navigation New abilities in the field of Navigation Superior Hull Design permit your shipwrights to construct small fast Sloops ideal for privateering. This development leads to improved naval technologies. Paddlewheels Steam driven Paddlewheels for ocean-going Advanced Hull Design, Improvements in hull design and bronze metallurgy permit shipwrights to construct Ships-of-the-Line. Superior Hull Design Hull design advances permit construction of Fluytes. These large merchant vessels have a larger cargo capacity than the Carrack but poor armament for fighting.

Squads and ship classes

Ships in the game are organized into groups (squads), class 1 ships into groups of 7, class 2 into groups of 4 and class 3 into groups of 2. Class 4 ships are alone. The player is able to give commands only to groups he has no control over individual ships, but these groups can be arranged into several formations.

Maneuvering subject to wind direction

You should avoid sailing in upwind positions because your ship loses almost all of its ability to maneuver. Turning the ship (shown in the figure on the left) with red arrow would take much more time than the same maneuver in the opposite direction (blue arrow). If you need to move upwind, it is better to perform the maneuver with traverses (move in an S-turn pattern.

The Different Buildings

The shipyard is another very important building. After all, it is the ships you build, repair or upgrade here that form the basis of your business. Click on it to open a picture of the shipyard in the main view. The selection window will display the shipyard's current status as well as a set of options The Shipyard The Shipyard You cannot build hulks in the very beginning. This advanced type of ship can only be built by experienced shipyards that have previously built many other ships, i.e. the more building contracts you make, the earlier the hulk will be available. It is your choice whether you send your ships to the shipyard for repairs one at a time or all at once. However, they'll repair them one after the other. If you feel that the repairs take too long, you can send your ship away at any time. Just select your ship to cancel the repairs. A dialog will then appear asking you to confirm your decision. But don't expect to get any of your materials back. The list of contracts will...

Order List

You can delete a ship from the list as long as building has not yet commenced. If you choose to do this, you will be refunded 90 of the cost price, but not the goods supplied. Should the shipyard have already started building your ship, you won't be able to cancel the job. Note You should always keep your preferred shipyard in work. A busy shipyard will employ more people (raising your reputation), will have shorter building times and build better ships.

Jach Engclass

The Jach'Eng, built out of the Shockwave Facility, is crewed with the bravest and most loyal warriors in the fleet. Officers assigned duty on a Jach'Eng are listed as killed in action as the vessel departs from the shipyard they do not intend to come back. Captaining a Jach'Eng-dass vessel is considered one of the highest honors a Klingon warrior can achieve.


A starbase can be an orbiting shipyard, fuel depot, defensive station, and a platform for a stargate and mass drivers. Before a planet can build ships, it must have a starbase with a space dock. Starbases stand in the way of attacks against the planet your fleet must destroy the starbase before bombing can commence. Starbases with weapons always strike back and can initiate attacks against enemies in orbit. You can find details on a specific starbase hull design in the Technology Browser. Just press F2, click on the dropdown list and choose the Starbase Hulls category. Orbital Fort No ship building or refueling capacity. These don't count as starbases in the score. Space Dock Ship building capacity 200kT or smaller ships. This hull requires the Improved Starbases trait. Space Station Unlimited ship building capacity. Ultra Station Unlimited ship building capacity, with more slots for weapons, shields and other components. This hull requires the Improved Starbases trait.

Sc r ibes Note

Shipyard A shipyard builds fishing boats. The fishing boats operate from a wharf. If your province contains fish, build a shipyard located on the same body of water that has the fishing grounds (the circling seagulls). The shipyard needs road access and employees to work, and each fishing boat requires three cart-loads of timber to build. Shipyard To run a fishing industry, you also need at least one wharf. Your fishermen work out of the wharf, not the shipyard. As soon as a boat is finished at the shipyard, it will sail over to a vacant wharf. Each wharf can service one fishing boat. As long as the wharf has labor access and enough laborers, a fishing boat puts into the wharf to take on a crew, then sails to the fishing grounds. When its hold is full, the boat returns to the nearest wharf to unload its catch. As soon as it's unloaded, the boat returns to the fishing grounds. Wharf workers take the unloaded catch to the nearest granary, if there is one with space, or warehouse. The...

Fusion Cube

One of the Collective's most powerful vessels, the Fusion Cube is not made from resources at a shipyard, but rather from the fusing together of eight cubes. Armed with eight batteries of phasers and photon banks, the Fusion Cube can also be adapted to assimilate the special weapon technology of enemy ships each Fusion Cube can assimilate up to three enemy special weapons.

The Earth Starbase

Tions for the remainder of the game, providing you with enhancements for your flagship, additional combat vehicles, and crew. To visit the Earth Starbase, go to the Sol star system and approach Earth until the view expands to show you the Earth-Luna system. The Starbase is the object in orbit between the planet and the moon. Navigate your flagship until it touches the center of the Starbase and you will automatically take up position adjacent to the space station. Once you arrive at Starbase, you have the following choices STARBASE COMMANDER, OUTFIT STARSHIP, SHIPYARD, DEPART STARBASE.

Building a Ship

Select one of the four ship types from the book. There are two limitations the river towns Novgorod, Torun and Cologne can only build crayers or snaikkas, and hulks are not available at the beginning of the game. The more experienced a shipyard is, the more likely it is to be able to build this type of ship. You will see a short description of each ship type, an overview of raw materials, goods and costs, as well as information on the amount of time needed to build the ship. Any raw materials which you do not have on board your ships, or in your trading offices, will have to be bought in town. Red numbers indicate that the town is lacking in those particular raw materials. The load capacity is dependent on a shipyard's experience. The capacity of the ships you build will increase during the course of the game.

Raising an Army

Each type of troops, i.e. infantry, cavalry, artillery and ships, is built in a particular structure. Thus, infantry units are built in barracks of the 17th or 18th century, cavalry in stables, artillery in the artillery depot and ships in a shipyard. You can build units in any order you like. For example, you can order Five pikemen in the 17th century barracks, three cannons in the artillery depot and six dragoons in a stable. Units will leave the corresponding structures as soon as they are built. You can also order various different units from the same structure. For example, you can order four roundshiers and two pikemen the Barracks. Units will be built in the sequence you ordered them. When you order several units, the resources required for their creation are deducted instantly. When you cancel a unit's construction, the resources that have so far been spent on its creation are given back.


The Phoenix was originally developed by the Star Empire as a last resort, should the Romulan Empire fall to invaders. Its potential effect is so devastating, it requires a special shipyard for its construction. Because of the intense burden Phoenix-dass captains must bear, the Tal Shiar has been known to use unorthodox conditioning techniques in their training. These techniques ensure the loyalty and commitment of Phoenix captains to the Star Empire.

Combat Vessels

To decommission (remove) a combat ship from your fleet, and recoup most of its value, choose -SHIP from the Shipyard Command Menu. Move the flashing cursor over the ship you want to remove and press Enter. Any crew on board the ship will be automatically removed, and their value added to your available resources. When you are done removing ships from your fleet, press the Spacebar to Return to the Command Menu.

Flag Bases

Aside from the units with which you begin a mission or game and those you purchase before landing on a planet (see the Purchase Menu Chapter), almost all units must be built by factories Light Units Plants or Light Breeders, Heavy Units Plants or Heavy Breeders, Air Units Plants or Air Breeders, and Shipyards or Sea Breeders. The only units that are not built by factories are the Sheevat Spawn and Psi-Spawn these units' origins are discussed later in this chapter. Shipyard

Qame cAianuul

The lowest labor priority is bilge duty. If your crew members die, bilge duty will be the first to suffer. If your bilge crew is killed off, cannon crew is next. If there are no crew members left to bilge or man the cannons, your ship will be crippled. The buckets at the top of the schematic indicate the need for bilging. If any buckets turn red, your ship is taking in more water than is being bilged This means you need to assign more crew members to bilge duty. Do this either by lowering your sails or by unmanning your cannon banks. The extra crew will automatically be assigned to bilge duty. The vertical bar just to the left of the schematic fills with blue to indicate the water level on board. When the blue color reaches the top of the bar, your boat will sink.


Shipwrights build and repair all ships in your city (except for ferry boats). They are skilled in all types of boat making and can build a strong combat vessel just as easily as they can build a small fishing boat. Shipwrights make fishing boats from whatever resources they have on hand and do not need a delivery of raw materials to fashion them. Warships and transport ships, on the other hand, are built from wood. Shipwrights need a supply of wood before they can begin building military ships.


A Bridge is an inexpensive way to cross a small body of water. It can only cross a short expanse of water, and no ships can pass under it, including fishing boats and warships. Use a Bridge if the distance to be spanned is small and if there's no boat traffic on the body of water.


Gather Resources - Citizens mine for gold and stone chop trees for wood and hunt animals, forage and farm for food. Citizens automatically gather a resource until they can carry no more, then they return to the nearest Settlement or Town Centre to drop off their load. Gathering continues until the resource site Is depleted or you give the Citizens new orders. (Fishing boats catch fish for food and return to the nearest dock.)


European ships with rectangular rigging were unusually fast for sailing ships. Thanks to their high sides, these ships could withstand heavy weather. However, they were strongly dependent on wind. In time, their rigging was improved and their displacement increased. The improved vessels were armed with artillery placed at the sides. Before a battle, ships would form a line which crumbled in combat, turning the battle into a chaotic scramble. Artillery was used inefficiently and vessels often prevented each other from firing. Small ships packed full with


To turn your ship, simply left click in space in the direction you want your ship to face. A colored arc will appear showing your ship's projected turn, and the ship will begin turning. Your starship's turning speed depends on its mass, engines, and current speed. If you wish for your ship to turn to face a target, left click on that target and the ship will begin turning to face it. You can also use the arrow keys to turn your ship. Pressing and holding the left or right arrow keys will begin extending your ship's turning arc. Release the button when you have reached the desired end of the turn. The ship will continue turning until it reaches the end of the arc.

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